Today, through the end of the day Monday, I’m offering 15% off all new boot orders. In addition, with each new order you’ll receive a FREE pair of K.Bell socks! It doesn’t stop there, place your order by Sunday, and Christmas delivery is guaranteed. Have questions about sizing and designing? I’m available all weekend via email, phone, or through Facetime.

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3 replies on “BEST DARN BOOT DEAL

  • Peggy Morton

    Hi Kat, I want a pair of boots & tried on some Old Gringos for sizing. 9.5 works but I need them to be a bit wider at the ball area of the foot (or maybe bunion area) . Can your boot makers do that? Thank you, Peggy 512 751-6415

    • Kat Mendenhall

      Hi Peggy. Yes, we can accommodate a wider foot area. What I’ll need is for you to have someone take a tracing of your foot, and mail it to me so that I can tag it with your order. Here are the instructions for tracing:
      Measuring Your Feet
      General instructions
      Please note: When measuring, be sure to wear the same weight of socks you will wear with your boots.
      How to measure your feet.
      While standing on a legal size file folder, have someone draw the outline of each foot, holding pencil straight up and down.

  • Peggy Morton

    Yay, I’ve just ordered my boots and am getting my husband to draw my feet next. It’ll go out in the mail tomorrow and I appreciate your help both with my wider foot and for using cruelty free material. Muchas Gracias, Peggy


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