For the record, I never list what I eat out in any particular order. I’m clarifying this because some of you have asked it there’s a rating scale. This is how my rating system works. If I eat something that I would not recommend, it doesn’t make my post. Savvy?

By now you should know that I travel and cook a lot. There’s only so many meals in a month and a lot of times I end up eating out at the same ol places, where I know the food is consistently good and vegan. Takes the guessing out, but it limits my time to try new places. I do try to hit up at least a few new or new to me or to this post every month.

For the month of December I was able to do that while also traveling and holiday cooking. I’ve also listed at the end of the post my favorite vegan meals from 2017. You can always go back to my monthly blog post for ideas or recommendations.

First, here’s what I was happy eating vegan in December:Brrr…the cold snap in December chilled me to my bones. It called for a visit for my favorite Pho at Wabi House. Loaded with and array of different veggies, it’s served piping hot. This Pho is fresh, delicious, and filling. Bonus points for the cozy atmosphere.They say a picture is worth a thousand words and so need I say more? Yes folks, Cinnaholic moved into my hood and I’ve never been so dangerously happy.When my friend Courtney Garza started working at Legacy Food Hall, way before it was even open, I knew there was going to be innovative vegan food available. Upon seeing a Instagram post I was curious about the vegan burger at Knife. John Tessar is not a stranger to me, but vegan? Upon ordering and eating ONE of their vegan burgers, I have to say hands down it is the best and utterly realistic vegan burger I’ve tried (sorry Impossible Burger). Upon further research with my vegan super sloths I learned it is the Hungry Planet Free Range Burger. The patty is a soy product, 100% plant based, non-GMO, no gluten, 150 calories, 27g of protein 7 g of dietary fiber and no saturated trans or polysaturated fat. What’s not not to love. The company is currently focusing on high-end chefs (like Tessar) and restaurants. Please bring this burger closer to my bubble. Please.

The other innovative and unusual dish I had at Legacy Food Hall was the Tofu Poke Nachos from Eat Fresh Fin. The owner was readily happy to make this for me although at the time it wasn’t listed on the menu yet. Bursting with various flavors it was creative and combined multiple textures, but totally mouth-watering. I can’t wait to try it again.You say cupcake I say CUPCAKES. I celebrated my birthday in December so that called for something sweet. My family surprised me with these scrumptious cupcakes from Reviere Bakery. They were so moist and we shared bites of the various flavors. Dallas has a vegan bakery ya’ll and it’s so darn good!

Now for my top 2017 list in no particular order:

Vegan Chorizo Burrito at True Food Kitchen

The Vegan Bowl at Company Cafe

HG Chips and Queso at HG & Sply Co.

T.L.T. at True Food Kitchen

Buffalo Chik’n Salad at Spiral Diner

Vegan Tacos at El Palote Panaderia

Shaved Cauliflower Salad at Americano

Taco Salad at Be Raw Food and Juice

Grain Bowl at Wheelhouse

Anvil Pub Vegan Nachos at Anvil Pub

Impossible Burger at Hopdoddy

Vegan Paella at City Hall

Loaded Potato Bowl at Seven Mile Cafe

Vegan Reuban at Trinity Hall

Vegan Sushi Rolls at Blue Sushi Sake

Garlic Ginger Tofu Bowl at Malibu Poke

That’s a lot of delicious vegan eats ya’ll, right here in Dallas!

Now I’m hungry and off to find more to share with you in 2018.

Happy eating vegan.




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