If you’ve been vegan say for more than a week, you’ve experienced how challenging it can be to eat out in Dallas. With more restaurants per capita than most cities, Dallas is a foodie social scene and for a new vegan this can be intimidating. In fact it can downright put a damper on your weekend plans with friends. Keep reading baby vegan because I started this monthly blog post one-year ago just for you.

Looking back, by far the hardest issue I faced as a new vegan was eating out. I experienced a lot of trial and error, but slowly I learned to maneuver my way around a menu. Fast forward and the vegan options in Dallas are abundant (and growing!) compared to those early days. This growth and my experience gave birth to my idea to show you how easy and delicious it is eating out vegan in Dallas.

Even in a years time I didn’t have the chance to try everything, so I’m going to continue to write this monthly post during 2018. Also, here’s hoping you might consider kicking the New Year off right by pledging to go vegan in January (get the details here: https://veganuary.comZ). If that’s the case you’ll need to know where to eat. Regardless, if you’re a newbie or seasoned vegan keep reading because eating out vegan in Dallas has never been more exciting.

Here’s what I found in November.

A beautiful Bibb Salad with Champagne Vin at TJ’S Seafood & Market Grill. I love the extra effort they made by taking a simple salad up a notch by adding radish and sunflower seeds. The champagne vin was spot on too. Paired with fries that are addictive and a great wine selection, no complaints were heard from this vegan. Bonus for the big screen tv above the bar.

Delicious Spanakopita from Nikolini Cafe inside the Dallas Farmers Market. Luckily for this downtown dweller, Gino is back serving up a few of his Greek dishes inside The Market. You’ll find him sharing space with the Market Provisions Co. I had the Spanakopita two weeks in a row, that’s how good they are.

From Malibu Poke “our bowl” selection with no modifications, the Garlic Ginger Tofu. If you haven’t heard, Poke Bowls are the new rage. There are several “poke” places that have popped up around town, but I chose this noteworthy one not far from home. Look how gorgeous and colorful! You can build your own bowl too. So. Good. Despite offering counter service only an employee flutters around the eating area to accommodate your needs. Love!

A hearty pipping hot bowl of Tofu Noodle Soup at Asian Mint. A restaurant staple of mine with several locations. Consistently good, great service, and options offered for every diet choice…you can’t go wrong. I prefer Tuesday night when wine bottles are half-priced. Your welcome.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with my December finds and a re-cap of 2017.

Until then.

Happy eating vegan.


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