I apologize for the delay in getting this monthly post out. November seemed to fly by like lightening! In all actuality, there’s not a whole lot to share for October since I was out of town the majority of the month. Meanwhile, while I was gone, I read and saw your Instagram photos of many new places I can’t wait to hit up. December is looking to include a lot of dining out and seeing it’s my birthday month too, it’s a guarantee.

First up, an update on one of my most favorite vegan friendly restaurants in Dallas.Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Not only did they add new rolls to their already extensive vegan menu, but they also opened a new location much closer to downtown. This could be a serious problem for me folks. I’ve always been a fan of their creative and delicious vegan rolls, but they really upped their game on the new additions. Pictured right dab in the middle of the pictured plate is the Prince Roll. Anything with eggplant is a winner in my book. The tempura gives it a nice crunch paired with the rice and avocado, but the sweet soy topping makes it taste indulgent. Sitting to the right of the Prince Roll is the new Shitake Happens roll. Wild mushroom sautéed in coconut milk, shiitake vegan tempura, sweet potato tempura, truffle oil, sweet soy, and Thai basil….need I say more. The third new roll pictured on the right end may not appear to look like much, but the Thai Hippie was a favorite of mine. Tofu vegan tempura, avocado, cucumber, carrot, with a Thai peanut sauce was flavorful. I had this same roll at the new McKinney Avenue location and it came with the promised topping of cashew with basil, cilantro, mint and red onion salad. Divine!

Next up…

Don’t you love it when a place gets you. I was happy I didn’t have to explain myself to this recently opened gem downtown.

Gather Kitchen

Located in Thanksgiving Tower, Gather Kitchen is a fast-casual spot where you can build your own bowl. Loaded with vegan options that are clearly marked, you simply pick a base, your veggies, a protein (hello falafel!), add a sauce, and a garnish. Seeing healthy vegan options are slim to none downtown, this is a welcomed and loved sight.

I gave them a try for breakfast because it’s tragically the hardest meal to eat out as a vegan (why???). The only failure was they didn’t offer tofu (why???). My bowl was a quinoa base, roasted potatoes, roasted tomato, sautéed mushrooms and onions, topped with avocado. I added a sauce not pictured. The flavors were bold yet didn’t overshadow the freshness of the ingredients. I can’t wait to go back for lunch or dinner.

Lastly, when you kid has a birthday during the weekday you treat them to donuts. Good excuse right?

Hypnotic Donuts

Noted for having vegan donuts on Monday and Tuesdays only, occasionally they offer them as a special. This was the lucky case for us when we visited on a Friday. I love a good cake donut, add some blueberries to it and I’m over the hill. Located in East Dallas Hypnotic has been around or a while offering the first of vegan donuts I believe in Dallas. It should not be forgotten. Visit on Monday and Tuesday to ensure a vegan option.

Where have you dined out lately? Find any hidden vegan gems? Write to me and let me know.

Until then…

Happy eating vegan!










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