To say I had a bad month eating out would be an understatement. As a matter of fact, I actually can’t account for most of the things I ate during April, but then I’m not sure I want to either. Sigh. It was a busy month. I opened my boutique, MendRT, vegan retail therapy. If that wasn’t enough, I attended Dallas Startup Week, took a five-week writing course at SMU, enjoyed a weekend celebrating my daughters confirmation and Easter, kicked off a week of Earth Day Texas events, and finished the month off with client meetings and bridal gown shopping with my daughter. Whew!

This “mature” body” is feeling the whip. Yes, even those of us who do their best to eat healthy and stay active can physically fall victim to bouts of stress, over doing it, and eating abnormally. I’m no different and don’t mind letting you know when I feel weak. As a person who is in tune with her body, I understand when it’s crying out for help. Seeing it’s at a screaming stage, I’m listening and slowing things down this month.

I’ll be getting back to more whole plant-based home-cooked meals (you can see and get the recipes on Instagram at Katmossmendenhall), which have been far and few between as of lately. I’m also taking it easier on my workouts, maybe even incorporating yoga back into my routine. I’m definitely finding time for a massage (hello Mother’s Day self-gift!), and even taking that much needed vacation (lookout NYC!). Yes May, I’m loving you already.

Here’s a few memorable dishes I ate during April.

Americano4Not only did I have this once, but twice. The Shaved Cauliflower Salad at Americano in downtown Dallas is the meal you want when you’re tired and not that hungry. The raw salad is loaded with multi-colored cauliflower, pistachio, and golden raisins with a light refreshing dressing of lemon and olive oil. Cauliflower is the new Kale ya’ll, you heard it here.

HGBrunchEvery month I stumble upon a hidden vegan gem. This month was no different. In search for an Easter brunch that could accommodate various diets in a casual vibe, Hg Sply delivered. The Vegan Breakfast Stack consisting of a homemade vegan sausage patty, HG Biscuit, roasted mushroom gravy & sweet potato hash topped with charred TX tomato & avocado, makes me a regular. Their mimosa carafe’s are a good draw too.

SpaPho2Lastly, after freezing my bum off during an unseasonably cold front at my Earth Day vendor table, I needed a big hot bowl of Pho. Tired, cold, and hangry, the most energy I could muster was to walk to nearby Sapa House. Their Pho is served in a big portion pipping hot and loaded with tons of veggies. This was just what the event vendor doctors ordered.

The list this month may be short, but it doesn’t skimp on delicious. Although I’ll be spending more time in my own kitchen, resting and healing, I’ve got more on the menu in May.

In the interim, happy eating!



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