I’ve heard your feedback and I get you, I really do! I’m feverishly working on putting your suggestions into place but in the interim there are a few pains…growing pains to be exact (not complaining!). I’m the first to admit this is waaay new territory for me so thanks for being really forgiving for any bumpy roads. It means so much to me that you have been so enthusiastic about my boots. Your kind words and support make me feel like I have an army of soldiers out there lifting me up. Much mooyah to ya’ll for that!!!

In response to your feedback I’d like to share the following:

1) In regards to sizing, if you are between two sizes, opt for the larger size. There is only a 1/8 of an inch difference between a whole and half-size. Wiggle room is always preferred since you can add an insert or even put on a thicker sock.

2) If you have any foot or calve “quirks” please note them in the comment section during the ordering process. I will contact you directly to discuss before placing your order.

3) I will be making fitters for those of you who feel the need to try the sizes “on”. The fitters will take a few weeks to produce but once I have them in stock I can ship them out to you to try on and return.

4) I’m adding options for the shape of the toe box such as,  a) pointy b) round c) square. This will be a part of the “custom” options. If you do not see it listed YET please just make note in the comments section of your selection.

5) Steel toe boots are now available!!! If you have a request for these type of boots please contact me directly. It will take some time to have this option listed and pictured on the site as well.

6) Pictures of the pattern options will be added soon along with the ability to see the stitch color options, which are all the primary colors that are currently listed. All standard boots on the site now show three of the pattern options, Big Sugar =Cowboy Up Curls, Big Bug = Flamed Mouth Flames, Big Guns = Lone Star Leaves.

7) If you need something out of the box, don’t be afraid to ask! I’m working on a size 16 and a logo embroidery now! Special custom orders have a surcharge but we can do whatever your heart desires.

8) Want ankle boots? Me too!!! Here is what they look like.


9) Shipping is free on all orders NOW!!!

And…if you haven’t seen or heard from JL Fields on her take of the boots check this out.


“JL and Big Bertha – her beloved suitcase that touted 50 pounds of pressure cooking equipment on her book tour!” 

“These boots are so freaking comfortable! And beautiful! I want seven pair, a different color for every day of the week (must land new corporate client to support my soon to be cowboy boot addiction!!!!)” – JL Fields

Big hearts out to JL for that! You can read more about her awesomeness and Vegan Pressure Cooking at

Again, thank you for your continued patience and support as I make adjustments, improvements and enhancements to my site, the boots and the process.

Until next time, I’ll keep mending the world with cruelty free services and products.

– Kat


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