Today I’m gearing up for what I expect to be a super duper weekend. A weekend full of vegfest, anniversaries and Father’s Day…talk about a trifecta! Starting tomorrow I’ll be heading out to Denver to participate in the Colorado Vegfest (vegan cowboy boots anyone?). It’s a two-day event located right outside of Denver in Golden. I opted for an outdoor booth this go-around so you know this weather geek has already checked out the scene and I’m happy to report the sun is expected to be shining. You’ve seen the rain amounts we’ve had here in Texas; I will definitely enjoy the reprieve.

I’ve loved the opportunity to participate in so many vegfest this year. Although I’ve been in different cities and even in a few different states, these events are pretty similar with a few twist here and there. I’ve seen the same vendors, sometimes the same speakers, similar activities, comparable entertainment and cooking demonstrations. I’ve. Ate. All. The. Vegan. Food. Burp! The best part ofcourse is meeting all you awesome people, many who have become friends, and the chance to reconnect/connect face to face with people that I love and admire. Talk about one big ol’ vegan celebration.

On Saturday I’ll also be celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary to this guy!


Who would have ever guessed he’d be wearing this shirt? He is a trooper for sure. He willingly made the vegan switch with me 5 ½ years ago, eats and compliments my “creating recipes” cooking, has supported me 100% in my efforts to put my veganism to work, never blinked an eye when I told him I was going to make vegan cowboy boots, and spends his own free time helping me showcase them to you! That’s just the cliff notes. His patience is unyielding, love forgiving, and his good heart never wavers. Cheers to the best 6 years of my life!

Sunday we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day at Vegfest (thank you honey)! I’m so thankful my father is still living and we have such a great relationship.

DSC_0162 (Hi Daddy!)

I’m sure there were many many years my dad thought I was crazy but none more when I told him I was vegan. It’s been quite the journey with him trying to figure out the whole thing (and me still trying to explain it too) but he’s seen the enrichment and fulfillment it has brought into my life and that makes him happy. In fact my dad has requested his very own pair of VEGAN cowboy boots!!! Many of you no longer have you dad around and for that I’m sorry. I hope you find a way on this day to reflect on a cherished memory and find your own personal way to honor him.

I hope all you rockstar fathers out there enjoy YOUR day on Sunday and know that your wife and kids really do love and appreciate you!!!

Until then, here I come Colorado with my boot straps pulled high!

– Kat



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