I have a friend that I had the pleasure of speaking to recently. During our discussion we began to talk about food, which was only natural since that’s what my life centers around. The same scenario played out that often does when I’m talking to a non-vegan who has found out that I’m “vegan”. One wants to share their food habits and diet with me. For lack of a better analogy I feel like I’m the priest and someone is coming to me for confession. Well ummm….I only eat this in moderation or I quit eating that when I read about, and my favorite is…well I hardly eat meat anymore. Oh! You do have a conscious. Let’s pray.

Just.stop.it. I’m not the food police and out side of the fact that I care deeply about animals, the environment and your own personal health; I really don’t get appalled at what you eat. Now if you want to hire me as you personal coach and are interested in transiting or adopting a plant-based diet then yes, please…I’m all ears. But in casual conversation, not so much. People eat meat and a lot of other toxic crap, I get it and you do not have to justify yourself to me the “VEGAN”.

I’m also not in the vegan mafia. If you follow me on Facebook you know that I don’t usually post stories regarding cruelty to animals, a bust at a factory farm or videos that show the harsh reality of the suffering that all animals endure to be carnage on your plate. Unless you live under a rock you know the reality. You should also be aware on how eating animal products contribute to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, digestive issues, cancer and a whole slew of other potentially deadly diseases. I don’t make this truth up.

There are times (today) when my silence must be lifted.

When speaking to my friend he mentioned he once had an insider view of a very large chicken company’s production facility. After hearing the description of his experience I became more convinced that eating chicken is the most awful thing EVER. In fact my non-vegan friend has sworn off chicken permanently. Take my word for it, nasty and bad shit happens with your chicken food. I’ve heard before choose to eat the cow instead of a chicken because one cow is slaughtered to feed many but one chicken is tortured for a couple. Both live in cruel conditions and suffer but the lesser of the two is the cow.  Of course don’t ask the cow about that!

Big corporations do not want us to know what is going on behind the scenes. It is cruel, there is sickness, carcinogenic drugs are used; it is down right despicable. It is a money driven industry, infact we’ve now become the number one exporter of meat. Yes, the western diet has taken over the world. Sigh! It may taste good but to choose taste over the possibility of illness, cancer, death and promoting the continued cruel production methods baffles me.  Especially when there are choices and there are choices, call me!

Or continue to live in your meat cocoon but don’t mock me or other vegans for taking steps to protect our health, the health and welfare of animals and do my part in keeping the environment in tact. There are people much bigger than me making huge impacts around the world. Why?  Because chicken and so much more is FINALLY getting exposed.

And by the way…my non-vegan friend has also sworn off pork after seeing the cruelty to piglets.  Baby steps.

Love & Learn,

Kat xoxox

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