To say my life has been a bit crazy lately is quite the understatement. I’ve juggled more this month than usual and tackled several projects that were WAAAY out of my comfort zone. Just when I thought I had a breather, BAM…there was more to knock out. I’m not complaining though, I thrive on stress apparently and self-inflicted anxiety but I’m driven by challenges and the opportunity to stretch myself beyond measures. Growing, learning, and proving to myself that I. can. do. this. You’ve been there too, I know this.

Today I’m wrapping up the month and looking forward to projects and adventures I have set for November. I’m reflecting on all that I’ve accomplished, the positive feedback I’ve received, and all the things I’ve NAILED for a lack of better words. I’m proud of myself and know this is just the beginning, the tipping point of what lays ahead. I’m ready!

I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen lately (my family loves it!) and though I can’t tell you everything yet, I’m super excited about a fun opportunity I’ve been working on (You know I’m busting at the seams to tell ya’ll but trust me this is worth the wait!). I’ve enjoyed the extra time in the kitchen creating and making new dishes, which usually leaves some leftovers. I used to be really bad about throwing out unused portions of this and that but now I’m more conscious of a) the money I spend on food, b) avoiding wastefulness, and c) being more resourceful. Here are a few ways I’ve used leftovers in second or even third go-around dishes lately.

Hummus Veggie Burger I started with my favorite, Bernice’s Hummus! With a small portion to finish I slapped it on a gluten-free bun I thawed from the freezer.

Veg BurgerI also had a frozen Sunshine burger I toasted up.

The night before I had made a salad of mixed greens, artichokes, and garbanzo beans. I thought it would provide a nice topping on my burger along with a half of an avocado.

Hummus Veg Burger w:ArtichokeI was right! Served with an apple this made a quick and delicious lunch.

I’ve also been making a lot of tofu scrambles lately. They’re so super easy and not only just for breakfast.

Tofu StarterI started with tofu, leftover tempeh bacon, field roast, and mushrooms, then seasoned with turmeric, salt and pepper.

Spinach & KaleNot enough to make a salad, this spinach and kale was a perfect addition.

TofuScrambleThis is what happened. No frills, no fuss, and fast.

The next morning, with some tofu scramble left to use, I made this.

Scramble on ToastScramble on toast with avocado. Swoon!

When life is crazy there isn’t a lot of time to make a meal from scratch, especially when cooking is your job!  Sometimes it takes crazy measures repurposing leftovers to keep you properly fueled and that’s OK.

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