To love or not to love may be the question but the answer is you certainly don’t have to put yourself into either category to enjoy Valentines Day. Many people frown upon this day dedicated to the one you love and there are many legitimate reasons why. If you’re in love or loved shouldn’t everyday be a day where your affection is shown and received? On the other hand if you’re not in love this day can be pretty lonely and make one feel isolated. I get it, I’ve been there.

Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of the day because more times than not I’ve fallen into the later of the above categories. I’m not much into roses or chocolate and although I love a good dinner out, I’d prefer to make my own (or have someone make it) at home. Cards can be superficial, gifts that I don’t need are wasteful, and frankly I don’t have time right now to fully enjoy a day at the spa. Of course diamonds are always welcome but there’s more special occasions for one to share their savings on me.

I admit, I’m a bit of V-Day buzz killer and prefer something more realistic like please just show your love for me by putting the shower squeegee back in the proper place. As you can see, I’m a total romantic. But don’t be like me. Don’t be Kat. Instead, whatever your “status” is for the big ole LOVE day treat yourself to a bit of my own dreamy Valentine Day pleasures, where a partner or no partner is required.

1. The day falls on a Sunday this year so I suggest you sleep in an extra hour. Unless your cat wakes you up regularly at 5am, screaming for food (that would be me!). No LOVE there folks. Yaaawn!

2. Coffee in bed is always a good idea so show yourself some extra coffee LOVE today and take yours back to bed with a book, Netflix, iPhone or your cat pouncing on you (that would be me again!).

3. I make pretty darn good pancakes and I bet you do too so why not treat yourself to a stack or two, make it heart shaped or spell out LOVE just because you can. Sure it would be great if someone else made them but let’s be real here. That’s. Not. Happening.

4. After a leisurely morning in bed and eating all those pancakes, my ass needs a workout and so does yours. Exercising is not only good for your good ole heart but it gives your mind and soul a good cleansing too. Who knows, you might walk right in to LOVE.

5. As much as I LOVE getting all dolled up (yea…like never!), this is a special day and I should take some extra effort and you should too. How about adding a red purse, scarf, or shoes to jazz up your otherwise boring outfit. Go out on a bigger limb and ditch the all black and try a colorful floral blouse or dress. You won’t catch me dead in florals but hey, don’t be like me.

6. As I stated earlier, I’m not much into chocolate candies filled with syrupy crap but I LOVE a hot chocolate chip cookie. Whip up a batch and eat more than your usual (not the whole batch though!). Milk is optional. Just make it all vegan, k?

7. Nothing spells LOVE like going to visit your local shelter and picking out your next muffin to add to your overcrowded brew (me…again!). Remember these words, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Don’t ask me how I know this.

8. All the sugar from the pancakes and cookies has worn off so consider what’s the one food you’d LOVE to eat now. Go straight to the store, not eyeing all the leftover valentines cards, flowers, and balloons and buy that shit and make it. You got this.

9. Listening to sappy LOVE songs may not be your thing or mood but turn on the tunes, pop the cork on your favorite wine, and slowly enjoy that meal you made. And please use your best plate and glassware. This is not a Solo cup kinda day. It will all taste so much better. Trust me on this one.

10. All girls dream of a relaxing bubble bath with dim lights and candles right? NO! The chicks I hang with don’t have time for such frivolous activities. Instead we LOVE throwing on our worn out yogi pants and getting lost on Pinterest. It’s the perfect escape activity and reminds you there’s so much more out there to LOVE.

Go find it.

– Kat

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