Today marks the first day of September and thoughts of fall weather are just around the corner for many but here in Texas we are far from looking and feeling like fall. With temperatures still hovering close to 100, it will be awhile before we feel the crisp cool breeze of the autumn air. We Texans know this and though the shopping malls are eager to display the latest fall fashion, we can’t be fooled. Despite the typical teaser that rolls through mid-September, encouraging some folks it’s time to put away their summer clothes, a true Texan knows they’ll still need those shorts mid-November.

Yet September marks the start of many wonderful activities around here that joyfully takes us through the lingering hot weather. In fact, we hardly notice the heat at all! (sarcasm insert.) First and foremost of course is our beloved football. Yes, we love it that much that we are willing to sit through a stifling Friday night high school game or endure the scorching heat cheering on our favorite college team. All. For. The. Love. Of. The. Game. In the case you were wondering or somehow didn’t take note…I’m a huge Razorback fan! Go Hogs!

I’m excited about the season opener this Saturday and all the shenanigans that are included such as tailgating, hearing the roar of 70,000 fans doing the official “Hog” call (you can check it out here if your curious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCsQr5i-xnQ ), and the nerves surrounding the win/loss possibilities.

Life is not all about football but please don’t mention that to my 12 year old football loving son. Another major event we have taking place in September is the start of the State Fair of Texas. This is no ordinary state fair ya’ll. In Texas we go big (you know that right?) and our lovely fair runs for over three weeks! It the largest in the country (duh!) and I’ve gone every year I can remember for most of my 50 years (whoa, did I just say 50?) Anyway…we can forget that last remark and skip right along to why I’m so excited about the fair this year.

For the second year in a row, I’ve been asked to be apart of the Celebrity Chef Kitchen, true! They loved me so much they asked me back. I’m flattered and excited about sharing how easy, delicious, and nutritious it is eating vegan. This is big deal ya’ll as I have to provide an hour demo along with making samples for over 150 non-vegan people. The best part (uh what could be better, right?) is that evening, after my demo, I get to ride on the official Celebrity Kitchen Float in the fair parade! Did you ever dream of being Miss America and doing the official Miss America wave? Ok yea, me neither but for about an hour I get to ride along the fairgrounds and wave like I’m someone special and who the heck doesn’t want to feel like someone special. Waving my hand over here.

The third part of welcoming September in with open arms is of course fall food. The quintessential fall food for a lot of people vegans is pumpkin! Who doesn’t love pumpkin…no seriously who doesn’t love it? So longing to feel like fall and “be” fallish I decided to whip up a batch of my famous pumpkin muffins despite the fact it is over 95 degrees today.  I can assure you it’s the beginning of a celebration of all things pumpkin. I wrote a post last October (read it here http://katmendenhall.com/kats-bfs-pumpkin-bread/) about my BF’s recipe for pumpkin bread/muffins that I totally veganized. They are so good ya’ll, you need to try them and send me a big ole thank you.


While you’re waiting for them to bake up check out all my events, activities, and cooking goings on so that you can come say hello. If you feel so inclined, tell me what you’re excited about this fall and what you love about the season in general. In the interim I’ll be working on some fabulous new products and boot designs. Because we all need more boots, it’s fall afterthought after all.



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