At times feeding my kids is my least favorite thing to do as a momma. What!!! Me??? Yes me, the nutritionalist. Sometimes it’s much easier to teach them to read, bike, good manners, do laundry; even math I’d rate higher then trying to get healthy food in them.  Why?  Because to me it by far is the hardest part of parenting because it is the most important thing to me. Does that make sense to anyone?

Here’s the skinny, I have a 25 year old daughter. Even though I didn’t know back then what I know now, I did the best I could with teaching her what I thought a healthy diet might look like. Ok, I admit I had no freaking clue but I was always “health”conscious and she was always active so it seemed to balance out. I didn’t worry too much (what you don’t know can’t hurt you right?) and I’m happy to report that she has grown up just fine, has a booming career in health and fitness and thrives on a very healthy diet, albeit not completely vegan. Sigh.

Fast forward, I became vegan and a nutritionalist.  I now have two non-vegan step-sons I help raise (shout out to bonus moms!). I’ve gradually integrated vegan food in to their diet and done my darndest to teach them the value of whole plant-based food. We now all agree that our home will be 100% vegan but when we eat out they can choose whatever they want. Seems fair right? The problem is they are only with us half the time, one week on, one week off and so I can only control what they eat when they are at our home and unfortunately when they are not they are eating all kinds of crazy scary crap, which they have come accustomed to. Dilemma!

It can be exhausting and stressful trying to get them to try and eat new things and sometimes I just want to throw my hands up to the meat and junk food gods and give in. Fear not vegan lads, that.will.never.happen! Instead I continue to press forward and do my best to create meals that are inline with their familiarity, pickiness and desires, while keeping it healthy and plant based. Sometimes I feel I fail miserably and serve them something that I’m completely disappointed in. You see, nutritional junkies can really really hard on themselves; EVERY meal must count! (sarcasm noted)


Last night after a full day of football camp I had two starving carnivores on my hands so I quickly whipped up elbow noodles with marinara and TVP with a side of broccoli. Don’t judge! They devoured it, loved it and were full.

Happy kids = happy momma. Wait! That’s the other way around right? Today I’ll do better, we are eating out. Sigh.

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