We all have that familiar food that we crave that will forever hold a special place in our heart, I mean stomach. Food that takes us back to perhaps simpler days, old friends, and cherished memories. Vegan or not, I know you’re with me on this one. Food today can seem so…fussy! The revolution of food and recipes has gone way beyond what even Julia Child probably imagined. In the “vegan” food arena I know this to be true as I have personally witnessed an explosion in food products and alternatives. My heart, I mean stomach sings in celebration but sometimes I just crave the simple and familiar. You with me?

There’s various reasons why a shift has happened in the production of new food products. We’ve realized there is something weird (and sickly) about drinking cows milk, beef product sales are at an all time low, pork is no longer considered the “other” meat, and the egg and chicken industry continue to take a beating over contamination. Add in the fact that we can no longer continue to feed the growing population with animal products alone without continuing to wipe out the world’s land and environment, and the continued harsh and cruel conditions that all animals suffer to support our current food industry and you’ve got yourself a bad trifecta. Not looking so good.

This is why that “hippie” movement thing that’s now called “vegan” has become so mainstream but you don’t have to be vegan to be concerned about at least one of the above issues. You might care about protecting the planet, maybe you’re against cruelty to animals, or perhaps you’ve chosen to take control of your well-being by making food choices that promote health and not disease. No matter where you stand, your standing and it is beginning to pay off. Thank. You.

Now that I’ve explained that in a nutshell, let’s get back to childhood cravings. I’ve always had a love affair with tuna fish, always! Tuna fish is something I enjoyed in my pre-veg days in a tuna salad sandwich, topped over a salad, stuffed in a casserole, mixed in some noodles, or simply ate right of the can. It made a quick lunch, was cost effective, and helped keep my figure trim (so I thought). A lot of non-vegans just can’t seem to understand what’s wrong with eating fish but I can tell you there is plenty wrong. Our ocean’s are polluted, over-fishing is depleting fish supply such as Tuna, and ocean floor dredging is destroying the ecosystem. Our world’s pollutants and toxins (thanks in part to factory farming) all flow somewhere, and that somewhere is our oceans. That means the fish your eating is toxic! Bleh.

Thank goodness though for Sophie’s Kitchen, an innovative vegan “seafood” company. No it’s not fake tuna, it’s plant based and there is nothing “fake” about plants. In October Sophie’s came out with VeganToona in two flavors, sea salt and black pepper and it’s 100% plant based. A 6oz. can has 3 servings at 100 calories each, 5g of fat, NO cholesterol, 330mg of sodium, 5g carbs, 3 g fiber, 1g of sugar, 9g of protein, 4% calcium, and 4% Iron. Both flavors are gluten-free and the Sea Salt is soy-free too!

I’ve used both flavors, Black Pepper is great in casseroles or mixed with some rice or noodles but what has satisfied that childhood craving as been the Sea Salt flavor used just how I remember. Check it out.

Vegan Tuna

 VeganToona, mixed with Just Mayo, chopped celery, sweet relish, garlic powder, dill weed, and of course…black pepper.

Vegan Tuna Sandwhich

Spread on some sourdough bread and topped with lettuce, avocado, and a tomato.  Delish and I doubt even YOU would notice the difference. If you’re looking for another recipe to try it check out JL’s Spicy Toona Roll at www.jlogesvegan.

No animals harmed, no nasty toxins, and full of plants. This is one revolutionary food product I can live with.  Give it a try and do your part, vegan or not.

Mending the mind and body,




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