This is not the post that I intended to share with your today, not even closely related but it’s been “one-of those days”. A day I felt I must be fooling myself to think I can make my business successful and even telling myself it won’t matter because no one is listening anyways. Hello…are you out there?

You see last night I worked on setting some new intentions to help me be more productive; one being yoga. Since major sinus surgery in January (a post for another day), when I had to stop yoga for a month, I’ve not picked it back up. Isn’t it crazy how fast we can get out of the habit of doing something, even something that we enjoy so much. Sigh.

Thanks to a Facebook friend though I found a great online source ( that has a plethora of classes you can take any day anytime all in the privacy of your own home, love! I quickly signed up and prepared for a relaxation class that would be perfect before heading to bed. I even got to use this super cool yoga mat my daughter had given to me at Mothers Day. I confess, I like all things skulls.


So I did the yoga along with my cat (not by choice) and went to bed early. Score! Two of my new intentions were completed. I was looking forward to a peaceful and restful night so I could knock out my new intentions for the next day. Unfortunately this is NOT what took place. For some odd reason my dog Izzy needed to go outside four times throughout the night in two hour intervals. I can’t explain that one but obviously it threw my sleep intentions out the window.

Up early despite the lack of sleep, I felt sluggish and irritable but I was determined not to let my physical fatigue and mental instability get in my way of my “intentions” for the day. I could turn this thing around.

I dropped Izzy off at doggie daycare, which she loves ( then drove over to Lake Fayetteville where I “intended” to get a longer run in.  It was 92 degrees ya’ll by the time I got there, sun blazing down on me like I was rotten road kill in the desert and that is exactly how I felt. Run was shorter, chest heavy, and additional frustration sat in; I felt defeated, crawling back to my car.

Eyes filled with tears and back at home, before showering I checked email to discover I’m the new organizer of the Northwest Arkansas Vegan Food Enthusiasts group. While this may not seem like a big deal, it’s big deal because this has been a past intention. Accomplishing this was not on my “list” of intentions for” today” but life throws us curveballs and this curveball is one I’ll happily accept. Attitude.adjustment.winner!

I’d be fooling myself if I thought that despite my best efforts (and controlling personality) every days “intentions” were going to work out. Today made me realize that regardless I’m constantly working on “intentions” that sometimes play out the way I want them and when but mostly they do the opposite. I do believe it’s extremely important to have them though when you own your own business. They may not play out the way you intended but they will play out and usually better and in the order that they should.

How about you? Do you set intentions? If and when you do and they fall a part, what do you do to recover? Are you out there?



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