It’s Friday and for me that means football weekend has officially kicked off. I’m planning what to make for our little tailgating tomorrow and because it’s a bit rainy and cool, a spicy chili may be in the works. In fact it may turn out to be Frito pie, can I get a amen for that? For now though I thought I’d share what I whipped up pre-game a couple of weeks ago.

Gardein products make it really easy and quick to replicate some of  my “former” favorites. Between their beefless veggie burger, beefless tips, crispy chick’n tenders, chick’n scallopini, sliders, meatless meatballs, stuffed turk’y, etc.,   there is a lot to enjoy. Recently they came out with a golden fishless filet and I was eager to try it. I had to wait a bit for my local Whole Foods to get a shipment but I was on the lookout and when they did I snagged up a couple of packages.

Growing up my mom never cooked fresh fish. Instead, we occasionally had Morton’s frozen fish filets or fish sticks (sigh). So the first go around with Gardein fishless filets I baked them per the package instructions and served them with some home fries; a traditional fishless-n-chips. The filets were love at first bit ya’ll. Absolutely amazing that they actually look and taste like a fish filet without the too “fishy” smell or taste. How the heck do they do that?

Then I got inspired and this happened.

FS1Say hello to a fishless po-boy. This is how I assembled it.

FS7Take a baguette, cut off the ends, half it, slap some coconut butter on it and toast it.

FS5Spread on some Vegenaise Tarter Sauce with a dash or two or three of hot sauce.

FS4Arrange baked fishless filets on top.

FS3Heirlooms were still in season here in Texas but slice any kind of tomatoes and add them.

FS2Then lay a bunch of green lettuce into the bun and bam, you got yourself a fishless po-boy!

I served a crunchy celery and mint salad with a squeeze of lemon and olive oil on the side. Gameday grub was a success despite a Razorback loss.

What are you cooking up for gameday?


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