March came in with a fury, would you agree? Having stood on the notion that we were experiencing a “mild” winter, I was quickly corrected that we would not indeed be so lucky. A couple a weeks of bitter cold, ice, snow, then more ice and snow reminded me that nature can be a subtle reminder that we are not always in control. No complaining though, mother earth in my neck of the woods desperately needed the moisture so I’m thankful that a bigger force is at work in our lives giving us what we need when we least expect it and in MARCH…we were not expecting it!

Us Texans, funny people that we are, we all survived and we know that despite it being Spring Break and not feeling like it at all, spring is among us. For me in particular that means I’m gearing up for some serious events that are about to take place. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine the venture that I’m about to take on, blows my little mind! Scared, excited, filled with anxiety, that would be me right now. It’s all good though, I’ve spent a year plus developing, creating, planning, prepping…I’m ready!

A quick note, there are a few (big!) changes being made on my website, a re-branding to help streamline all my services and products. You will still be able to find me at http://katmendenhall.com or http://kickbutboots.com but at the end of the day katmendenhall.com will be the final resting place. I’ll post more details on all of that in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned in.

In the interim, here’s a few upcoming events, important dates, and social events that you’re welcome to attend if you are in and around the area.

March 12th – NWA Vegan Food Enthusiast Meetup, Fayetteville, AR

March 19th – Treeline Wine & Cheese Pairing, Dallas, TX

March 27th-29th – Healthfest 2015, Marshall, TX (I’ll be showcasing my boots for the FIRST time!!!)

April 1st – Boot Launch, Online @ http://katmendenhall.com (Eeee…thrilled is an understatement!)

April 4th – Texas VegFest, Austin, TX (I’ll have a table showing and selling boots!)

If you have any questions or need more information about these events please send me a message.

AND…if you haven’t seen the two articles that were recently published on me and the boots, check them both out here:


It’s getting “real” around here ya’ll!



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