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I’m thrilled to welcome Janice Miller to my blog. Janice is a veterinarian and founder of the Franklin Animal Rescue Society. She is proud to write for When she isn’t writing, she fosters dogs and helps place them with forever homes.  

Janice shares with us some fabulous budget friendly ways to spend quality time with the mother in your life on Mother’s Day. Isn’t that what all moms want anyway, your time? A mom myself, I know this first hand, it is by far the greatest gift a child can give. Take my advice, don’t save these ideas for Mother’s Day alone, they can be used the other 364 days of the year.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day to all of you that are called mom or play the role of  mom. Mom’s really are the salt of the earth.


5 Ideas for the Best Vegan Mother’s Day Ever – Janice Miller

Mother’s Day gifts are great, but what the special mothers in your life really want isn’t another necklace, restaurant gift card, or bouquet of flowers. To truly show your wife, mother, or grandmother how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day, spend the holiday giving the gift of you. Here are five ideas that are sure to impress the vegan moms in your life this Mother’s Day.

Visit a Botanical Garden

For a relaxing day spent strolling through a beautiful setting, treat the mothers in your life to a trip to a nearby botanical garden. At a botanical garden you’ll see rare plants, vibrant blooms, and gorgeous themed installations like Japanese gardens, alpine plant collections, and butterfly gardens.

If there’s not a botanical garden near you, look for an arboretum, nature center, or state park to enjoy instead. No matter the setting, you’ll enjoy valuable bonding time in a serene natural setting.

Craft Succulent Terrariums

Succulent gardens have exploded in popularity, and if your mom or the mother of your children doesn’t already have a collection of these low-maintenance houseplants, there’s a good chance she has a Pinterest board full of ideas. Turn those home décor fantasies into a chic reality by spending your Mother’s Day constructing succulent terrariums.

While these trendy terrariums are easy to make at home, you can also snag a spot in one of the many succulent terrarium workshops popping up around the country. Just be careful to avoid common mistakes when you bring the new plants home, or else she could end up with a sad collection come summer.

Plant an Edible Garden

Folk knowledge says you shouldn’t start planting your summer vegetables until Mother’s Day, which makes this holiday the perfect occasion to get your hands dirty in the garden. Spend the day with your wife, mother, or grandmother picking out plants from a local nursery and planting a garden. No garden? No problem. Pick out some pots and start a container garden, maximize small spaces with a vertical garden, or show your devotion by constructing raised beds to plant in.

Tour a Farm Sanctuary

If you know an animal-lover mom, surprise her with a trip to a farm sanctuary for Mother’s Day. Farm sanctuaries provide forever homes to former commercial livestock animals like cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens. You’ll both love seeing these intelligent animals enjoy their newfound lease on life, and you’ll get a chance to learn more about unethical animal husbandry practices and how you can make a difference. Some farm sanctuaries even host special events for Mother’s Day, like a vegan brunch followed by an educational tour, so it’s easy to turn this outing into an all-day affair.

In addition to farm animal sanctuaries, there are also wild feline sanctuaries, wildlife rehab centers, and other wild animal sanctuaries you can visit to show your support to organizations providing a home to abused exotic animals. But avoid any organization that allows direct contact with the creatures, as these are often the very sources of the neglected animals that end up in sanctuaries.

Cook a Plant-Based Meal

This Mother’s Day, spoil the moms in your life with a home cooked vegan meal. Even if you’ve never dived into vegan cooking before, there’s no need to worry. Just focus on whole-food ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, skip the dairy, eggs, meat, and honey, and check the packaging of any processed goods you buy. Most vegan products will say so on the packaging. You can get recipe ideas from one of the countless vegan blogs, or pick up that cookbook you’ve seen her eyeing and choose a recipe to prep together. And if it’s dinner you’re cooking, don’t forget to pick up a bottle of her favorite vegan wine.

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