I’m literally kicking up my heels in joy this month. Why so happy you ask? July is my “down” month. No commitments, no events and absolutely NO travel! Granted I’ll still be working away making boots, meeting with clients, providing cooking classes, etc…but for the first time this year I get to do it all planted from home sweet home. This means I get to go back to some sort of regular routine which includes more consistent workouts and spending more time in the kitchen.

Speaking of which, in an attempt to increase more raw food into my own diet (more than carrots, salads and juices), I’m taking a 4-week raw food course this month. I’m really excited about what I will learn and how I can apply this area of culinary training into my own practice with cooking classes and client meal plans. Learning is fun and no matter what your passion is you should always try to find a way to keep growing. I’ll be sharing my experience on Twitter and Periscope @kickbuttvegan incase you want to follow along.

I’ll also be working on some new boot designs that I plan to launch in August. New material, new colors, new designs. Again, when you’re following your passion it hardly seems like work at all and more like a lot of fun. I like fun, don’t you?

Starting this weekend though we get to kick the month off right with all the Fourth activities. Sharing activities with family and friends such as boating, swimming, camping, concerts, cook-outs, picnics, and watching fireworks is a highlight of summer. Hopefully you’ll do your part to keep it safe, protect your pets, and keep it healthy and happy. If you need some food inspiration, I have it here.


How about starting it off with a cool and refreshing Watermelon, Tomato and Avocado Salad. Just add a splash of Balsamic and some sea salt.


This Tomato Caprese Salad is topped with marinated tofu instead of cheese. Swoon!!!


Veggie burgers do not have to be blah! Check out this monster of goodness. Grab your favorite veggie patty (there are so many good one’s to choose from or make your own!), grill it up, add some sprouts for a change, fresh tomato, condiment of choice and maybe some non-dairy cheese (again, so many good one’s to choose from these days!). You can definitely get more creative than this but I like to keep my burger simple.


Too hot to fire up the grill? Try a light and cool Zucchini Pasta with Chickpeas and Pesto. Can you tell I really like tomatoes?


Skip the beer and opt for a Watermelon Spritzer! This is very portable and can be mixed with or without the alcohol. Take fresh cut up watermelon without rinds, put it in a blender and blend thoroughly. Store it in a glass jar with some fresh Basil or Mint leaves and refrigerate until ready to serve. I like mine over ice with prosecco or vodka is nice too, just saying.

Need some fillers? My favorites are hummus with crudités, blue tortilla chips with salsa, guac or a bean dip and nut cheese with seed crackers. Got a sweet tooth? Go for the simplicity of fruit. It’s watermelon season for goodness sakes!

Don’t stress out over the food. Keep it simple and focus on the fun instead. No fuss, no frills, and fast!

Have a great Fourth everyone and see you next week!



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