We’ve all heard “life is  journey” and “you never stop learning”. This could not be more true for me since I switched careers pre-midlife (and no it was not a midlife “crisis”). Since making that pivotal turn my life has certainly been more than a whirlwind. I’ve journeyed to places I never imagined I’d go, read and discovered things that have forever changed who I am, have resources at my disposal than the time to embrace it all, and a plethora of people from around the world I now call friends that make me so happy I took this risk.

The journey and the learning are not always easy though and anyone will tell you you’ve got to have some great mentors out there to help you through. Luckily for me I’ve got some reeeallly good ones. During my vegan academy the words, “say yes to everything and then figure out how to do it”, really resonated with me. To some that may seem very intimidating but for me I took it as a challenge and it’s a challenge I like! Sure it causes some anxiety but it pushes me outside my comfort zone and when we allow ourselves to do that, this is where we learn the most while also discovering what we really are capable of. It’s more than what you think, trust me!

Note to self: lesson number one, say yes to everything.

While building my business I’ve hit a lot of dead ends. I’ve had a lot of “no thank you” or even worse no response at all. Perserverance, persistence, and patience does eventually pay off and I’m FINALLY starting to see some results of my unwavering. Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m still a long way off from my goals but I’m seeing that (again another mentor speaking) “when you work in favor of the universe, the universe will work in favor of you and respond accordingly”. Lining yourself up to do what is good for you, others, and the planet will have you re-writing your business plan. That’s a good thing!

Note to self: lesson number two, keep working in favor of the universe.

I’ve also found that starting a new venture is like being a politician. It’s all about campaigning; shaking a lot of hands and kissing a lot of babies. Spending the majority of your time on promoting, marketing, sales (thus said third mentor), and might I add…not getting paid for it. I’m not going to lie, it can be a real.beat.down. If you just stick with it though and put time into these areas your business will start to flourish. Isn’t that the goal?

Note to self: lesson number three, keep promoting, marketing and selling.

These three lessons (more like practices) have definitely rang true over the last couple of weeks. I’ve stayed consistent in the PR department, I’ve opened myself up by saying yes, and the universe has responded by delivering new opportunity. Amen to that!

A simple but sure formula for success.



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