I admit, I’m a softy when it comes to a really good cause. I absolutely looove when someone is out there doing something that is out of the ordinary. Ya’ll with me? If so let me introduce you to this awesome family tribe that I meet a few weeks back at the Food+Health Conference in Austin. The first evening I had the pleasure to share a table and delicious vegan grub with the family behind the awesome venture, The Veggie Republic, home to the original Veggie Bracelet.

Karen Koman, who is beautiful both inside and out, is the creator and founder. She carries an impressive resume but what I’m absolutely in love with most is her Veggie Bracelets. I also think it is really cool that her family is 100% onboard by playing a huge part in her business. They were all in attendance and are super adorable too. Traveling to Texas all the way from sunny San Diego, they were complaining about the “heat” wave they’ve been having (uh ummm) and were pleased to find that us Texans know that air condition comes in handy during the steamy days of August. Crazy California’s!

Check out their bracelets!

photo-21There is a selection of six colors that you can choose from, with each square displaying a different veggie. I was stumped and really like the whole layering effect so I ordered four. Unfortunately my new rescue pup got to the mail before I did (don’t ask!) and chewed apart three out of the four (sans the distorted pictures). Sigh.

What’s super cool about these veggie bracelets is they donate 5 lbs of fresh produce to families in need for EVERY bracelet sold!!!! Whaaat??? Absolutely.love!!!

photo-22So quit reading my blah blah blah and go and order you up some Veggie Bracelets of your own. I’ve been wearing mine everyday despite their condition. They remind me to eat my veggies first and to be conscious of those who are less fortunate to make that choice.

We all deserve fresh, local, and organic produce.

Make it happen.




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