When I decided to be “vegan” (labels, ugh!) it was based on adopting a new eating lifestyle (not a diet!). Overtime, by researching the health benefits, I also became aware of how my new lifestyle benefitted the animals and the planet. That’s like a really good trifecta ya’ll.

In the five years I’ve been vegan, I’ve seen veganism as a once sleeping lion awaken with a big roar. It’s actually hard to keep up with all the movement around it rather it be food, health, animals or the environment. Thanks to social media and the constant availability of information thrown at us, its hard to be in the “dark” about ANYTHING let alone deciding what to share.

You see when I was in the corporate world selling my heart out I realized, after some hard years of learning, that a company can’t be everything to everyone. Once I quit trying to sell that and focused instead on what my company was really really good at, then success followed and I slept better at night. My philosophy became quality over quantity.

So lately I’ve been thinking about MY platform, who am “I” in the “vegan” world (since this is now my work world). How do I want to be perceived. When I review my peers some key words immediately jump out and I find it easy to identify their particular stance and mission. Some tackle more than one, others many and bravo to them. They are all doing a fantastic job.

As I reflect over my journey (albeit it’s not over yet!) I think of the thing that matters most to me, what I’m good at, what do I enjoy writing about, and sharing with you. I always come back to the food. I.can’ Sure all the other issues I’m concerned about and I can talk it all up with anyone who will bend me their ear but it’s the food that I’m most passionate about. The food is where most people relate and where people have the ability to make immediate change. For themselves, for their health, and yes for the betterment of the animals and the environment.

This is why you don’t see me sharing a lot of animal activism, or me telling you more than you want to know about gas emissions from factory farming. There are wonderful people with some really big platforms who are doing amazing work in these areas. I sneak in highlights of their work here and there and I hope that you notice.

I’m re-working my website and my services so that I can focus more on what matters most to ME. By doing this I hope to be better for you because that matters a lot to me too. I will start sharing more about the health benefits around consuming a plant-based diet. That means more recipes, more cooking classes, more workshops, and yes more pictures of what I’m cooking or eating which I hope to improve too. Your welcome.

One for all but not all for one.


P.S. If you haven’t heard I’m also trying to make the first 100% cruelty-free Texas designed cowboy boot and things are heating up!



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