I have a confession, I’ve never been a fan of leggings. There are several reason why, mostly due to the fact leggings (personal opinion inserted here) look best on girls with long skinny legs. My fashion eye has seen girls with shapely legs (hello me), come across looking like they are squeezed into a too tight container, accentuating the shapely. Not flattering in my book. This is why I’ve never worn them, yet I know many of my shapely leg compadres do and are completely comfortable wearing leggings. No harm no foul.

Another reason I dislike leggings is the ones I’ve bought seen look a bit raggedy (faded, old) after one washing. Because of this, I have a hard time rationalizing their purchase from a good pair of yoga pants. Are they not one and the same? I’m completely comfortable sporting my yoga pants around town. Paired with a jog bra, sports tank, pullover and tennies; this is my business attire at least five days a week. No shame for that either.

Therefore, why leggings are needed at all puzzled me. Until I found these:




The quintessential leggings from H& M can be found at http://www.hm.com/us/product/62480?article=62480-A&cm_vc=SEARCH&source=ir&utm_source=ir&utm_source=ir&clickid=wIZRYV3fSUDbQObSMz06c1neUkh2yN3ZTz3F0Y0&iradid=226427&utm_content=rewardStyle-116548&utm_campaign=Online%20Tracking%20Link&iradtype=ONLINE_TRACKING_LINK&irmpname=rewardStyle&irmptype=mediapartner&utm_medium=affiliate&irgwc=1

Here’s why I’m absolutely in love with these Twill Treggings: A) They’re not called leggings, so all my inhibitions are out the window, B) Spandex, say no more, C) Elastic waistband. Eeek, I just became my mother, D) See that zipper at the bottom of the leg, freaking genuis! I wore these last night with shorty boots and the unzipped zipper made all that possible.

I also love that the material looks expensive (it’s not) and when washed it came out of the dryer unfaded and ready to wear again. I may in fact be wearing them, again. Don’t judge. They are a step up from the super store cotton leggings. They can be worn dressy or business casual with no fashion foul. There’s even a hem down the front that make them look a bit fancier. Details matter.

I have a feeling I will wear these boogers out since they are my new favorite fashion staple. My only hope is that H&M continues to carry these Treggings forever.

Your welcome.



  • Ana Gabriel

    I’m a little person with small but shapely legs. Would these pants fit me or would they be too long for a 5’2″ person? I like your blog…especially when you share good vegan recipes! ❤️?

    • Kat Mendenhall

      Hi Ana. I saw on the link for the leggings that there is a sizing guide. Perhaps you can follow the measurement guide listed to determine if they would be too long. I’m tall but have shorter muscular legs. They were not too long for me, but I’d check the measurements. Normally you could have them hemmed, but with the zipper I don’t think it would be possible. Thank you for following along! More recipes coming soon.


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