Western Cross Stitched Bandana

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Nothing screams cowgirl or cowboy like a bandana tied around your neck, off your belt loop, or hangin from a back pocket. Used as a fashion statement, tear wiper, sweat damper, nose blower, and pretty much anything else you can think of in a time of need. Let’s keep it extra cute folks with cross stitched statements. Each bandana comes with one of the following on two corners; cowboy boot, cactus, cowboy hat, and I couldn’t miss out on a chance for you to wave your vegan symbol.


Hand cross stitched with various symbols

100% cotton

Offered in various color choices

White | Grey | Black | Red | Pink | Baby Blue | Green | Yellow | Turquoise | Maroon | Violet | Purple | Blue

Measures 22×22

Color Options

White, Grey, Black, Red, Pink, Baby Blue, Green, Yellow, Turquoise, Maroon, Violet, Purple, Blue


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