Last week I gave you a whole weeks worth of meal ideas to plant power your workouts but since man can’t live by bread alone, or beans, greens, nuts and seeds…today, I’m giving you snacks! Not just any snacks, healthy snacks. Easy snacks. Powered snacks. Delicious snacks. Snacks to make you feel and look good. Who can say no to that? Not me!

Any major workout girl (or boy, I’m not biased) will tell you that snacks are a must to keep us moving and grooving. While it may be easy to reach for a quick processed something or another, that will not help you keep all that work at the gym in tact. You know I’m telling the truth on that one. More of what we put in our body far outweighs all those lifts, crunches, miles and so forth. Well thanks to my fellow CNE alumni and super women Michelle Vodrazka you can now keep all those snacks in check with her Smart Snacking for Sports cookbook.

Just this week after a long hot and miserable run (you read that post, right?) I came home and grabbed her eBook for a quick recovery drink. Then this happened.

WatermelonDrinkWatermelon Recovery Smoothie

Delicious and totally did the trick in rehydrating me and making me feel all sunshiny again after such a disappointing run. A few days later I made the Berrylicous Smoothie that I consumed prior to snapping a shot (sorry!) but I can tell you (work with me) that not only was it beautiful and delicious but the added nut butter gave me the energy I needed to tackle a morning of tedious work. Fabulous recipe!

But hey folks, it doesn’t stop at juices and smoothies. Michelle has included best breakfast ideas, anytime snacks, energy and recovery drinks, post workout snacks and a big finale (a scrumptious sweet!) that you do not want to miss out on, trust me! I love that the recipes are easy with simple short ingredients. She also has clearly marked which recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan. I love that although not all recipes are vegan, me being the vegan master I am, (umm huh) can easily make it that way.

There are two available formats on her website that you can purchase, either a PDF version or eReader version. Check it out at If you order before July 31st using code “beInspired” you’ll receive a 50% discount – Score!

Get it now and start snacking smart.

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