A couple of gameday Saturdays ago I wandered into a Dallas restaurant I knew would be showing tons of sports. I wasn’t disappointed on that aspect and although I had eaten a delicious vegan brunch earlier in the day, this place was still rolling out brunchy dishes.

This is where things went terribly wrong.

I. Saw. This.

Totally disgusting, right? I agree so I put my vegan rose colored glasses on and imagined this masterpiece sans the animals. Curious, I read the ingredients off the menu and instantly knew I had to try to make a vegan version. And. Try. I. did.

Say hello to the BABS! Bad Ass Biscuit Sandwich.

I made this sucker for an early morning tailgate this past weekend (if you missed the video on Facebook check it out if nothing more than the comic relief alone). My choice to make drop biscuits instead of cut definitely changed the aesthetics. Despite the pathetic look of my version, it wasn’t lacking in the least on the taste WOW factor.

Here’s a very informal way of how I made what’s now called, The BABS!

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cook time: 40 (No including the air frying since I had it operating while making biscuits, hash browns, eggs, and gravy. Multi-tasking y’all!)

Servings: 6


Biscuit – Recipe here: http://katmendenhall.com/recipe/easiest-biscuits-ever/ Could totally add vegan shredded cheese, herbs, or jalapeños!

Vegan Chicken patty – Air fryed @390 for 12 minutes, flipped half way – I used 365 Everyday Value Breaded Chickenless Patties.

Bourbon Maple Syrup – You will not regret adding some bourbon to you favorite syrup, trust me!

Vegan Eggs – Scrambled – I used the Follow You Heart VeganEgg and measured out for 8 “eggs”.

Vegan Sausage – Air fryed @390 for 8 minutes, flipped half way – I used a package and half of Hilary’s Spicy Veggie Breakfast Sausage.

Brown Sugar Peppered Bacon – Airfryed @390 for 8 minutes; flipped half way. Add sprinkles of brown sugar and pepper before cooking; it’s that easy!

Hash Browns – Buy frozen and brown in a skillet, could add onions if you feel inspired.

Roasted Poblano Gravy – Recipe here: http://katmendenhall.com/recipe/texas-gravy-like-no-other/ Simply sauté a chopped Poblano Pepper in a skillet for about 5 minutes, remove from pan and set aside, then start your gravy and add the peppers back in to the skillet when the gravy is done cooking. Bam!

Warning: If you have gravy leftover the the heat of the pepper will increase while it sits in the fridge.

To assemble:

When an ingredient is finished cooking, keep it warm by putting it in an oven safe bowl and in the oven on a low temp. When everything is finished cooking, set all the ingredients out on your stove or heart proof counter and assemble in this order: bottom of biscuit. chicken patty, maple syrup, eggs, sausage, hash browns, bacon, gravy, and finish with biscuit top. Hot sauce optional!

Note: It helps to apply some pressure downward on each ingredient as you are layering to keep everything intact and from falling over. Don’t ask me how I know this, but again you may want to watch my video.I’m curious, where do you get your kitchen inspiration? How often do you see things out and about on menus or on a televised cooking show, etc. and try to make it vegan? I find myself veganizing recipes quite often. I like the challenge even if this was more or less just layering a bunch of different ingredients. I sure as heck feel better both consciously and health wise eating this cruelty-free version.

Until the next tailgate.

Happy eating vegan.




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