This month I’m throwing you a curve ball! It’s not often I step too far out of my bubble to eat, but a recent trip north to catch a concert at Winstar called for a sense of adventure. Searching for a spot to grab a quick dinner, Denton provided many options. After a search on Yelp, I headed for the quaint and vibrate square to the highly rated Board & Barley. Located in a renovated historic building, I felt a million miles away from Dallas. Although a bit limited on vegan options, a few modifications made it a tasty pre-concert meal.

You will never see me turn down a chance to eat portobello fries, especially when the word truffled is thrown into the mix. These Truffled Portobello Fries were cut thick and offered a nice crunch in every bite. Note: skip the Mustard Aioli as it is not vegan. 

Ok soup is not a typical go-to in the middle of August in Texas, but this Vegan-Tarian soup was the one lone item on the menu labeled as vegan. A must try for that reason alone. Surprisingly it was really good! Loaded with squash, crimini, kale, and white beans it was flavorful and filling.

I could have easily stopped at the soup, but out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a plate of these beauties being delivered to a nearby table. Let’s just say the rest is history. Delicious matchstick fries, yes please!

The next day I fully intended to hit up the new Spiral Diner located not far from the Denton square for brunch. I had the opportunity to attend their soft opening and it’s a must visit when you’re in the area. The outdoor patio alone makes it worth a drive.

Scanning through Facebook though I noticed a vegan friend was eating nearby at a place called Seven Mile Cafe. Always up for something new to taste, I gave it a go and boy was I glad.

Known for their Cinnamon Roll, I could not pass up the chance to give it a try. Much larger than what this picture indicates, it’s served warm with cream cheese icing and pecans. All. Vegan. It was shared and a great start to my fantastic meal.

You should know by now I’m a potato girl, so naturally I went for the Loaded Potatoes. It comes with a choice of adding two veggies or meats and their vegan options are plentiful. You’re looking at hash browns, melted vegan cheese, scallions, spinach, and vegan sausage. To die for. Being vegan should be a crime, seriously.

The weekend north proved to be fun and delicious. I will definitely visit vegan friendly Denton again and shop their adorable square.

Take a drive, make it day, and maybe I’ll see you there.

Happy eating vegan.









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