Today I’m dishing on a new local restaurant that popped up recently in Fayetteville. Coming from a big city, I appreciate that this lazy about eating out town takes the private, family owned approach in the dining scene and is keeping it that way with the addition of The Famers Table. Owners Rob and Adrienne Shaunfield have created a meet and eat environment for the community that serves up fresh and healthy food straight from the local farmers. Talk about a win-win situation. Farm to table is not a buzz word here y’all, they’re making it a reality and delicious.

Last weekend we set out to give it a try. Since eating breakfast out is not on my list of favs I was hopeful I could get a decent vegan option and The Famers Table did not disappoint.


Say hello to Huevos Rancheros, minus the egg, add veggies please. Think bright crunchy veggies layered over homemade beans and corn tortillas topped with fresh cilantro. Served with a light fluffy rice on the side and greens straight from the bed.


My “semi-vegan” husband went for the Vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy and this picture does no do justice to how beautiful this plate was. I make a mean vegan version at home and just looking at this got my mouth watering. No greasy hash browns here, the house potatoes were the bomb.

The Farmers Table is open Tuesday through Saturday, 7-4 and on Sunday from 8-3. Currently they are serving up some of the best breakfast and lunch items in town but I hope to hear them add dinner too.

I’d like to tell you the best time to go for your own bite but I’ve since been there this week for a late lunch (which was equally delicious!) and both times they were busy with us having a small wait. Perhaps this lazy town is waking up.

You can find The Farmers Table at 1079 S. School Ave, Fayetteville and

*The Farmers Table will be closed July 4th through July 7th.

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