Tips For Holiday Survival

We can all agree that today, the holidays are officially upon us. I know that because I get a week off from school. It seems I’m always in need of a break this time of the year. Unfortunately, it’s a time of year that can become more hectic than restful.

You may be thinking, how does one find the calm in the craziness of it all. I thought of a few ways to keep my your sanity in tact.

  1. NO, you do not have to accept every party invitation, or any invitation for that matter. It’s purrrectly fine to stay at home in jammies with kitties, and Netflix. Being festive can be overrated. Hang some lights and call it a day.
  2. Sticking to your diet and exercise routine can be challenging this time of year. The colder weather doesn’t make it any easier. Don’t sweat it, literally. If you miss a workout or indulge a bit relax, and get back on track the next day.
  3. When I was young, we had the same tradition year after year. Thanksgiving and Christmas at home, then making rounds to grandparents. Memorable, but that doesn’t always work today with people spread out all over the map. Don’t stress it. Start your own tradition, and remember family doesn’t have to be blood.
  4. Speaking of family, if you get the chance to spend it with them cherish it. Even if they serve turkey and other crapola that we prefer not to see or eat. It’s not about the food, really…trust me on that one. Don’t be a vegan snob.
  5. Do something for yourself. The season of “giving” can become a bit taxing on your mind and wallet. Take a break from it all and treat yourself. Take a weekend out of town to relax, spend a day at a local spa, or just a simple “me” day (equals no to life). Self-care is an essential element to survival.

Lastly, it sounds a bit cliche, but remember the reason for the season. It doesn’t matter your religious stance, keep in mind that traditionally Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all a time of celebration. I agree it’s a lot of celebration packed into a short amount of time, but slow down and be mindful of what it truly means to you.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.




3 replies on “Tips For Holiday Survival

  • Annette

    Truly!! Don’t be a vegan snob!! See your family!! See your friends! You don’t HAVE to eat the turkey or cheese plate OR condemn them for it. You CAN be thankful for the enduring relationships you have, especially in today’s climate. Ask if you can bring something for yourself if you’re worried about what you’ll eat… and make it big enough to share… you never know who might like to join in!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Sue Ellis Dyar

    Thanks, Kat, for the reassuring advice about taking it easy. I would add that we don’t have to join the shopping frenzy during the weekend after Thanksgiving! I plan to put on my vegan Kat Boots and go dancing!


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