Today is the day!  This is the motto, slogan, cheer that Meghan Telpner ( voiced over and over again during my three-month culinary nutrition program last fall.  Not only is this her personal mantra but she also has the energy and desire to instill these four words in to the hearts and minds of those that she comes in contact with.  Such as the case with moi’, I too am a follower of the “today is the day” philosophy and today…well today is MY day!

Welcome to my blog.  I must first give the disclaimer: I am not an experienced blogger, nor am I a professional writer so don’t judge. There…I said it.  There are many wonderful and talented bloggers and writers out there and I read and love a lot of them.  One must ask oneself then, is this platform over saturated?  According to the World Population Clock (very cool site, Google it) there is over 7,212, 355, 862 people in the world and it’s growing every second.   WOW…over 7 billion people and though not all, but most having information at their fingertips 24×7.  With all that information available to us though it is hard to decipher between what is real, current, and what I should be spending my time on reading.

This is where I come in.  My intent is to muddle through the crap to find accurate and relevant information that I can share with you.  I will be sharing information that supports my philosophy pertaining to health, diet, lifestyle, animals, and the environment.  Each of these have become a huge concern and passion of mine, and hopefully they will be for you too.  I will not blog daily, but most likely several times a week.   Sometimes it will be sad, funny, serious, and at times, down right ridiculous.  Along the way I’ll share my personal thoughts and you can share yours too.  This will be fun, I promise, and we can learn TOGETHER along the way.

How cool is that?

So in between me providing coaching, teaching, and cooking services, I will blog.  Today is the day!  Thank you Meghan Telpner.  Make today your day too.

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