I love to cook (you knew that right?) and although I have quite the collection of cookbooks because I looove me some cookbooks, it is not often that I actually use their recipes. Mostly I use them when I want to make something special and the time to invest in making it, which is rare these days. Sigh. When I do use them it is a glorious thing as I enjoy the challenge and anticipation of the finished product as long as it turns out, which doesn’t always happen.

More often than not I use my cookbooks as a source of inspiration; a guide to awaken my own creative side. Taking an idea and making it my own, that’s the fun part and a cooking style I’ve happily adopted. I even teach in my cooking classes not to be intimidated to step outside the recipe lines. Some of the best dishes have been created by someones own personal (and wicked) twist or frequently in my case, mishaps!

So despite what you might think, the majority of meals I make are pretty straightforward…no frills, no fuss, and fast! Last nights dinner was no exception. After a girls weekend in Chicago where I indulged in some fabulous but heavy vegan meals, I needed something light on the belly. After a few days of smoothies, juices, and salads to reset my system, I had a hankering for something Asian. This is what went down.


Stir fry vegetables with chili lime marinated tofu.

Dinner1Then I crumbled this on top.

SeaSnax Choperz are delicious seaweed curls wrapped in rice and seasoned with hint of sea salt and onion. They are very low in calories fat, sodium, carbohydrates, and contain no sugar, no GMO, no MSG, no trans fat, and no cholesterol. These crunchy seaweed chips are great all alone but can replace croutons in salads, crackers in soup, and make a fabulous topping on wasabi mashers, or a baked potato…endless possibilities! They also come in a Original and a Jalapeño flavor.

Seaweed provides a variety of nutritional benefits and should be added to your diet frequently. Loaded with Vitamin B6, which aids in brain development. Fiber to help lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and also influences bowel health. Iodine, which the thyroid relies on to function correctly, and Vitamin B12 which helps form red blood cells, DNA, RNA and boosts immune function.

Along with the stir-fry I mixed up a simple slaw mix with an asian dressing.

Dinner 3No frills, no fuss, and fast!

I like it that way.


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