A couple, no wait… a few weekends a go I had the privilege to participate as a vendor and also as a guest speaker at the inaugural Natural State of Health (steelcreekherbs.wix.com/naturalstateofhealth) event held in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The event brought together local service and product providers that focus on a natural, holistic and healthy approach to wellness and well-being. A perfect fit for me to set up shop and share the benefits of a vegan diet and lifestyle and that’s exactly what happened. Yeehaw!

NSHTableThis was my first big rodeo to promote my services as a vegan coach and culinary nutritionist but because I spent years attending and working trade shows in my “former” career, I wasn’t nervous one bit. I love meeting and talking to new people and y’all, I did a lot of it. I’m learning that people really do want help with controlling their health and diet and they will share their personal struggles and how frustrated they are at their own doctors for their lack of direction that doesn’t include taking a pill (I snicker). It also confirmed to me that what started as a passion has turned in to so.much.more. Very grateful!

NSH Table I spruced up my table using some organic fruits and vegetables that I picked up at the local market that morning. I included jars containing grains, nuts, seeds and beans. People always want to know what you eat when you’re vegan so I thought I’d show them. I was flattered when someone asked if I grew the produce myself (husband laughing), I’m no green thumb y’all. In addition I laid out vegan starter kits, a list of local resources, my services and business cards and books that I recommend when a person is interested in learning more. Another flattery came when a lady approached me and presumed I was “the” Victoria Moran. WHAT! Kindly I told her no, thanked her for the wonderful compliment and gave her my copy of Main Street Vegan right off the table. I was in bliss.

One of the best take-aways from the event was the opportunity to meet some super nice folks that are doing really cool things in this neck of the Ozark Mountains. From mid-wife services, essential oils suppliers, all natural bath products, herbal teas, holistic health healers, substainable food providers to organic farming; I loved the diversity and the fact that this area is receptive, curious and supportive of this style of life. I was able to discuss several opportunities to bring my services in to the community, which was worth the time alone. I look forward to being a part of this event each year and I’m certain it will continue to grow as more people are looking for alternatives to improve their health.

It’s really true; just say yes to things and then figure out how to get it done. I seriously did not think I was neither ready nor prepared to participate in an event like this but guess what, I.DID.IT. Overall it was a well-organized informative event that I plan to get involved on the front side next year to help market and draw attendance.

Until then I’m ready and fully prepared for the next event when it arises, table and all.

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