This past weekend we went to one of the most delicious and vegan friendly restaurants in town, Sundown at the Granada.  It also happens to be in my hood which is a big bonus.  They recently revamped their menu and added MORE, thank you very much, vegan items and substitutions.  Sundown focuses on providing organic, local and non-GMO foods to their guest.  I just love it when a restaurant “gets-it”.  We had tried their dinner menu, so much that it was eaten before the thought occurred to me to take a photo, but had yet to try their brunch.

This girl loves brunch because it is a great excuse to have a mimosa (or two, guilty!), not that you need one in my book.  I ordered the”Big Bend” which is their vegan take on a benedict.  It starts with their housemade quinoa veggie patty, topped with swiss chard, sweet potato hash, chipotle-avocado sauce and fire roasted salsa.  I admit…nothing like a “benedict”, far better!  The picture does not do it justice, trust me.


We also ordered the Buddha Wrap.  A whole-wheat tortilla filled with quinoa, avocado, drunken mushrooms and basil with a side of sweet potato hash.  The mushrooms really made this wrap stand out and served with two tacos, it was hearty and filling.

Sundown 1

I jump for joy when I can find a decent place that serves up a mean vegan brunch item or two and low and behold I have a new love, Sundown.  They also serve up plenty of non-vegan items that are on the healthier side, which makes it a great place to go if your dining in a mixed crowd.  You know who you are.

Sundown at the Granada is located at 3520 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

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