The list this month is a little on the “meh” side. Due to two ten-day trips to NewYork with one week home in-between, I didn’t have the chance or stomach to eat out often back in Dallas. Let it be known though, while in New York, I ate all the vegan food. If you want to see the goodness follow my Instagram page here:

Perhaps I’m thinking my Dallas bites leaned on the weak side because I’m comparing them to the delicious eats I had in New York. If you’re ever planning a trip there, you’d be wise to reach out to me for my must have list. You’re welcome.

This monthly post focuses on all the vegan options in Dallas though and since we’re going on the half mark of the year, I think I’m proving there’s plenty. In fact, now that I’m writing this and recalling exactly what I did eat out, it was pretty darn good.

Let’s begin.

You should know this by now, Spiral Diner is every vegan and even non-vegans alike comfort food heaven. The Southern Breakfast Grit Bowl included all my Texas favorites. Tofu scramble, cheesy grits, topped with bacon and sausage, covered in gravy, and topped with cheese. The waiter swore it too big for me to finish. He was so wrong. Unfortunately this was a special for the month, but I think if we yell, beg, plead and shed a few tears, they’ll bring it back. Spiral…are you listening, sniff!

Ah! There it is, meh! So there’s nothing great about this salad except for the fact I was really hungry and running late to the shop. Eatzi’s happened to be close by and so I ran in to grab a salad to go. The salad did its job, and I love they assemble on spot the fresh ingredients from an array of options. I choose a combination of mixed greens, red onion (sorry to the shop customers that day), cukes, artichoke, and chickpeas in a Balsamic dressing. They also have a build your own sandwich bar too. Weather permitting, their expansive patio is useful for lunch with a client, a catch-up with a friend, or a leisure meal and a book.


This is my stumble upon a freaking amazing plate of food choice of the month. Call me slow to the game, but how the heck did I not know that Anvil Pub had these old school nachos. The Anvil Pub Nachos listed on their menu can be made all vegan with listed substitutions. Vegan cheese and sour cream, check! Sub soy chicken, check! All the other toppings of tomatoes, chives, jalapeños, guac and salsa happen to be naturally vegan. See how this works, so much vegan food and so little time! They pair nicely with a local Deep Ellum Brewing Dallas Blonde Beer. Just sayin.

I barely made it in time to include this one in June’s list. Let me introduce, the Impossible Burger. Shocked is putting lightly when I found out Dallas had been selected to offer this burger at Hopdoddy. Not Austin, DALLAS! Whoa…so cool (snicker). It’s titled correctly too, Impossible! How the heck do they make this look, taste, and the texture just like a ground beef burger! In fact, I enjoyed it better knowing it has no cholesterol, hormones, or antibiotics. Read all about it here: Be sure you order it vegan by removing the cheese, sauce, and ask for a whole wheat bun. It was scary good.

I’m already building a delicious list for July with more surprises in store. You can always get a sneak peek too by following my Instagram here:

Off to eat!


PS. I’m offering two informative and fun classes this month. Details here:


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