I’m assuming if you’re reading this then you are or were a former omnivore or some sort of “vore”. Not to worry, no judgement here but wherever you’re at in your journey I’m sure you know of the great egg debate, what came first the chicken or the egg? That debate can end right here folks because the VeganEgg has proven you no longer need a chick or an egg to, well…have an EGG!

Confused? I’m here to help. See Follow Your Heart is one of the many amazing vegan food companies proving a few awesome things. One is being vegan doesn’t mean I can no longer enjoy all the delicious food products that I ate pre-vegan. Remember cheese? Me too! Always the hardest and last thing for most vegans to give up but guess what, this magical company makes several varieties that are super delicious and creamy. Their cheeses make a great stand in for snacks, sandwiches, salads, tacos, pizza, casseroles, pastas, etc. They’re my favorite commercial nut cheese and I have two 12 year olds that give it the big thumbs up.

Secondly they make amazing dips and spreads, dressings and sauces, and even a mayo replacement! All delicious with no lack in the flavor department. Thirdly they’re strongly committed to their products, focused on organic and natural ingredients making them a healthier alternative. It’s still processed food folks but I’m not here for that debate today. Their products are lower in fat, contain less sodium, usually zero sugar, and no cholesterol. I also really love their philosophy regarding ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities of operating a business. Make that FOUR awesome things!

They are a game changer and just upped their ante with the introduction of the VeganEgg. It’s been flying off the store shelves (if you’re lucky to live in an area that carries it) and Amazon for the last few months. So when I was in Portland last month for the Vegfest I went on the hunt and SCORE, I was able to snag a couple of boxes and bring them home.

Anxious to try them out I followed the simple instructions on the package for a basic scramble. Two level tablespoons plus a 1/2 cup of cold water, whisked vigorously equals one egg. There were two of us so I made four. The key here is COLD water, per the instructions. My suggestion is to measure out the water first and place it in the freezer until time to blend with the VeganEgg. I learned this the hard way but corrected it on the second go around.


This is my second go-around which produced fluffier and firm eggs.

It really was amazing that from the time you whisk the water and egg mixture together it looks and even smells like a…real egg! That picture above also has the Follow Your Heart Cream Cheese on my toast, addictive! The other thing I learned on the second go around is to season, season, season. The egg alone is pretty bland but you have control over the flavor by adding whatever seasoning you desire or in my case, hot sauce! I served this plate to my Omni daughter and she liked it, a lot! Mom winning over here.

The third try I decided to make the Quiche Florentine located on the back of the VeganEgg insert. If you haven’t pulled that out of their cute egg like carton and turned it around, you’re missing the potential of this product. A simple recipe to assemble, the combination of ingredients such as shallots, nutmeg, coconut creamer, and cayenne left nothing less than fabulous in taste. The recipe called for more than what I could fit in my 9″ pie dish. Next time I’ll go with a deeper pie plate or divide into two and freeze one. I suggest assembling this the night before so it’s ready to pop in the oven the next morning.


Perfect for a weekend brunch with family of friends.


It looks pretty (ha!I was trying to get extra spinach!) and easy to cut into pieces for serving.


It also proved to make great leftovers a couple of days later.

So what is this VeganEgg you ask? It’s main ingredient is Algal, which is an ingredient derived from algae. Just know that Algal flour and protein are plant-based ingredients. They contain high levels of healthy nutrients, micronutrients, contain all the essential amino acids, and a great source of fiber. You can check out to learn more.

Healthy and NO animals were harmed. I’m so excited to see what this company comes up with next!

Until then, I’ll continue to follow MY heart straight to the VeganEgg.

– Kat


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