I’ve been avoiding a recent discussion among omnivores.   I’m sure one or more of you have also been involved if not come across the same topic.  I get it that vegans are often asked and prepared to answer the usual such as, where do you get your protein, what about calcium, how boring our life must be eating all those greens, etc. etc. etc.  Recently though I’ve taken notice to a new topic (at least one that I’ve become more aware of) blowing up social media sites and mixed social gathering tables.  This happens to be around all the new faux “meat” that is now available on the market.  The comments seem to be if vegans want to eat “meat’ that looks and taste like “real” meat then why don’t they just eat meat.  For someone that has not intentionally eaten meat in over four years, let me explain it to you.

See most vegans grew up eating meat (can you imagine!) it was a part of our holidays, picnics, family gatherings, ballparks, amusement parks, etc.  We, just like you, have a history and emotional connection with meat.  It has brought comfort, joy, been shared lovingly with others, and yes…has tasted pretty darn good too.  So where did it all go wrong for me you ask?

Let me keep this simple for you, because that’s how I feel about this matter, it’s simple. I choose to be vegan for ethical reasons because I don’t think it’s OK to love one animal and bring suffering, pain, and death to another so that I can consume their carnage.   I also really care about improving my health, avoiding diseases, and feeling and looking as fantastic as I can.   These are MY choices and how I choose to live MY life but my life still involves family, friends, holidays, social gatherings, entertainment, which do no share my lifestyle.  Does that mean I have to give up all those things because I don’t eat meat, NO!  Thanks to some fabulous and down right delicious faux meat products on the market these days, I don’t have to miss out.

There are many reasons why more and more faux meat products are being produced and available in our markets.  A few of my favorites are Gardein and Beyond Meat (check them out).  They make their products to support health matters, ethical reasons, protecting the environment, and world hunger concerns. If you’re not aware that these are huge growing issues in the world then you’re completely ignoring them.  There are also a growing number of people who are looking for alternatives, their reason vary, but these products offer a solution, and/or transition from the food that they are familiar with to a healthier more plant-based diet.  Why knock that?

I personally choose a mostly whole plant-based diet and use faux meat in moderation.  It is true that you can even have too much of a good thing.  Do I enjoy the occasional burger, hot dog, chicken, and beef…. YES.I.DO, but I enjoy them made from plants.  Here is why:

–       Faux meat means no animals had to suffer

–       Faux meat means lower fat, sodium, and calories

–       Faux meat means no antibiotics, hormones or other chemicals

–       Faux meat means no constipation or digestive issues (bonus!)

–       Faux meat can feed the world, without destroying the world in it’s process

It’s simple to me; what’s your take, to faux or not to faux?

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