The Crescent city is known for many things, a few being French influenced architecture and culture, awesome jazz, and delicious cajun food. Rich in history the city keeps to its true roots. I love that about New Orleans. So when the opportunity arose to vendor at Vegfest, I jumped on it. This was the fifth year of the NOLA Vegfest and what I discovered is a growing vibrant vegan community that has strongly influenced the rise in many vegan options around the city. I’m not talking about just another veggie burger, no m’am, I’m talking food thats known throughout the bayou.

Here is a recap of the food trip.

I felt right at home while checking into my hotel when the resident cat met me in the courtyard. The Soniat Hotel is located in the French Quarter, close enough to walk everywhere but yet away far enough from the nightly Bourbon Street noise. We arrived early and the first thing on my mind was something I knew I could find at any hour in NOLA, a Bloody Mary.

The French Quarters and the surrounding area is very walkable, we didn’t even rent a car. I love walking as it not only helps me balance out the indulgences but I’m able to see things I might have otherwise missed.

Like this quaint French Quarter housing complex.


No stop in New Orleans would be complete without a visit to the French Market. Here you can find trinkets, souveniors, fresh produce, and several food vendors. The Crepe Cart and Meals from the Heart both have vegan options.

Another must to see is the famous Hotel Monteleone. Such a classic and the hotel Carousel Bar will take you around the circumference of the bar in 14 minutes all the while sipping your favorite beverage.

When most people speak of the Crescent City they go right to the food and ya’ll, I’m no different. It’s. To. Die. For. The last time I was in the city I had just gone vegan and was still learning to work my way around a menu. I was much more savvy this go around in seeking out veganized classic NOLA dishes. 

Like this vegan Gumbo at the Gumbo Shop. Paired with a nice green salad this made a perfect dinner to end our day of sightseeing.


The next day I set up shop at the Vegfest but not before seeing my friend JL Fields who also attended along with Big Bertha. JL is such a vibrant ray of sunshine and full of good energy, you can’t help but love her. She also looks great wearing a pair of Kat Mendenhall Boots!

While at Vegfest I enjoyed a lot of vegan samples (burp) along with a couple of items from Breads on Oak like this vegan Empanada and Tomato Spinach Cashew Tart.


Vegfest was fun but after a long day we were tired and hungry so we walked to Seed, a 100% vegan restaurant. People tell me all the time how much I’m missing out by eating vegan. Really? Take one look at this food and surely you will reconsider that statement.

Artichoke Cakes


Vegan Caviar 


Seed Casaer Salad with added Avocado and grilled Seitan


My dining mates had a Eggplant Poboy and BBQ Sandwich. There may have been coleslaw, potato salad and a Beignet or two! Unfortunately they were out of their Tofu Poboy which I hear is amazing. As you can see, we didn’t miss it.

On Sunday we headed to Erin Rose, a complete dive bar and it wasn’t for just for the drinks! This place is a classic example of never judge a book by its cover because Killer Poboys located in the back of the bar makes no doubt, a killer poboy.

Sweet Potato Poboy and accompanying Watermelon Salad


In fact it was so darn good, JL went right home and recreated it. You can check it out on her Instagram or Facebook page.

The weekend ended with a Ghost Tour where I may have seen and recorded a ghost and a stop at Dat Dog where I had the best vegan hotdog ever! The reality of all this fun and food quickly came to an end though with a very long travel day that followed. I was glad to finally be home and my stomach and liver were too.

So until next time NOLA, keep the vegan food coming. Booyah!

– Kat

 JL Fields Website

 JL Fields Facebook

JL Fields Instagram

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