This last week has had its plethora of celebrations. A birthday, Father’s Day and an Anniversary coming in a couple of days. The card, gift and cake fairy is completely worn out and sugar loaded at the very least. I’m not complaining but a juice fest is definitely in the works next week, my first ever (what???) so stay tuned for my results. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few things going on here in the Ozark Mountains, technically the Boston Mountains, although that makes no sense to me.

First up let me remind you that I will be the enthusiastic chef for many upcoming cooking classes at Ozark Natural Foods. Starting on July 1st where we will fire up the grill for a vegan summer BBQ; you do not want to miss this if you’re in the area. I plan on showing how you, yes you, can be the envy at any BBQ gathering this summer by serving up some delicious cruelty free dishes.

Be sure to check out my events page for a full list of summer classes I’ll be teaching.

Secondly, we had a birthday this week. My oldest son Sy celebrated his 11th with a day at the lake riding his new knee board. He also had a request for red velvet cake. If you’ve been following me you know two things. One, my kitchen is 100% vegan and two, I’m not known for my baking ability. Guess what…we kept it vegan and we knocked the baking out of the park. Score!

Baker yes, cake decorator…not so much.

BirthdayThis is a Razorback in case you missed it.

CupcakesLeft over batter made delicious cupcakes and the frosting was to.die.for. Per Sy.

The boys had basketball camp for a few days and were super tired when we picked them up. We chilled all afternoon, resting, so I made a quick and easy dinner. Nothing fancy or gourmet here folks…just four people trying to fill the gap until tomorrow.

Quesidilla“Chicken” Quesadillas with avocado.

Quesidilla MakingI love Beyond Meat products for a lazy night like this. Add some Daiya cheese and avocado and “ta-da”, you’ve got yourself a filler. I would have loved to add some greens but I was all out. #smoothiebitchtakeover

Today we are making it a first by taking a canoe trip down the Buffalo River (do me a favor y’all and send some good karma my way) so I made some sandwiches to take along.

photo-7I’m absolutely in LOVE with a local product called Bernice’s Hummus that I used as a base. All organic, natural ingredients, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan…they even make their beans from scratch and you can taste the difference.

photo-6I layered on mixed greens, sliced cucumbers, red peppers, avocado and some tomatoes. These look delicious, I hope I can hold out till lunch.

Tonight I’m trying out a new recipe, if it works out I’ll share it with you here. Until then, enjoy your summer day and find time to indulge in the things that make you happy.

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