Surely we all can agree on this one thing, the first month of 2017 was quite a doozie. I don’t know about you, but survival mode has been the common theme as I attempt to move forward with so many distractions crippling my focus. Here we are though, a month in to the new year. If we dare to get anything accomplished, the time to start is now. Are you with me?

Typically, the beginning of the year brings so much hope as we set about working on our inner self and latest diet or fitness goals. It occurred to me, often we neglect to add working on our personal style into the equation. Here’s a few style resolution ideas from me on how you can look your best until you’ve figured out the rest.

1. Break the black or brown habit and add a pop of color to liven up that drab wardrobe. Vibrant slightly off color combinations are big for Spring. Pink is far removed from my closet, so this comfy tunic would be a welcomed sight.


A key to adding color to your wardrobe, especially if you feel uneasy in it, is to stick to a style you’re comfortable in. If an off-shoulder blouse is not your thing, then a wearing one in bold yellow is not going to make you feel better. Stick to what you know works and find it in a color besides black.


2. Invest in some conversation-starting jewelry. Maybe you can’t afford to overhaul your wardrobe, but you can still give it a fresh look by investing in a few signature jewelry pieces. I’m especially fond of Dallas designer Kendra Scott ( Rose Gold is popping up everywhere and these earrings will accent your style with a little shine.


I’m also extremely fond of the Akola Project ( I dare you to read the story behind this company and not buy anything. A handmade piece from Akola is a purchase you can feel good about. This necklace is offered in multiple colors and is currently on sale.


3. My style resolution every year is to spend less, which is hard for this fashionista who really loves clothes. Buying less new garments helps to reduce waste and lessen the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. Instead, to simplify my wardrobe I’m focusing on finding high-quality investment pieces. Seek out your local resale shop or vintage stores for classic pieces. I recently came across this unworn beauty on eBay. Perfect timing since I have pre-wedding (my daughters) events to attend over the next year. My special occasion dress status is majorly lacking, so I will definitely use eBay to score some designer pieces at a fraction of the original cost.


Stella McCartney Gisella Dress

4. We plan and prep our meals for the week (we do, don’t we?), so why not do the same with your outfits. Think about your week and how many days you’ll be in the office, at an offsite meeting, after work function and even a day you may be working from home. Instead of pairing together several chic outfits that push your style limits, know what combination works best and invest in those pieces. This will save you time and money. For pieces that look good on any body shape, check out Bead and Reel ( I love the simple style which makes it easy to pair with other separates.

When you feel like jazzing it up, go back and apply resolutions #1 or #2.

If you do nothing else, do this. Donate or sale clothes you no longer wear or fit. This includes the skinny jeans you haven’t worn in five years. It also includes fad pieces you’re hanging on to, waiting for them to come back in style. Bag up any ill-fitted garments and get them in for alterations. Lastly, keep seasonal items within reach. This has become a bit of a challenge with our unseasonal weather, but even a good fashionista knows shorts and tank tops are a no in February.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to keep your look up to date and polished. If nothing else, I hope it makes for a nice distraction. Goodness knows we could all use one.

Consciously choosing.


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