Today I provide a guest blog post for the Main Street Vegan. You can read it here:

I attended the Main Street Vegan Academy ( last summer, which jumpstarted the ideas for my TWO new companies, Kat Mendenhall and Kick Butt Boots. At the Academy the talented, entertaining, and absolutely lovely ,Victoria Moran, who is the Founder and main instructor takes you through a very thorough and intense six days of veganizing your life and why we should all do it. She also brings in many interesting guest speakers throughout the course who are experts in their particular vegan field. Talk about comprehensive learning! By the end of the week my head was so full of new information that I felt it might explode, in a good way of course.

We enjoyed a plethora of delicious vegan food, vegan shopping, and a LOT of vegan company with folks from all over the world. It was a joy to be around a room of like-minded individuals who all are passionate about living and sharing their veganism. In fact…I miss that!

Whatever your reason for considering or being vegan, I highly recommend you check out the Main Street Vegan Academy. It may even help you find your “higher purpose”.

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