Texas is know for some amazing iconic food. A state made up of many different cultures, we are not short on a variety of food that we do better than anyone else (hello, Tex-Mex). And though there’s many foods that Texans can’t do without, there’s only one food that’s the official state dish. Chili.

I spent years perfecting my chili recipe. A recipe made up of a concoction of this-and-that, a slew of spices, and NO beans. That’s right. True Texans know, there’s no beans. It was a family favorite. Unfortunately, a few years back, I had made up a big ole’ pot to be served after a fall football game. It was enjoyed by all, especially my dad who was in town for the game. Mysteriously, after that night, I couldn’t find my handwritten recipe. It’s still a mystery to this very day.

I was pretty darn distraught over losing that recipe and haven’t quite yet mustard up the energy to replace it. I still really like chili though, especially when the temperatures drop. That is why I was thrilled to learn about a product that makes chili making easy and delicious with only a few ingredients.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Olive oil, Beyond Meat Crumbles (or other plant-based meat replacement), Tabasco Chili Starter, a bottle of beer, and a can of beans is optional. Don’t hate, I added the non-traditional beans for extra fiber and protein.

This chili recipe is the quick and easy route without sacrificing flavor. Simply cook your meat replacement per the package instructions. Make sure you use a stockpot or something large enough to add all the other ingredients. Once cooked, add in your jar or jars (if doubling, which I highly recommend) of Tabasco Chili Starter (I used one jar of “Original” and one jar of “Spicy”), a bottle of beer, and a can of your favorite beans if you so wish. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 20 minutes.


This chili is seriously good. Great as leftovers or to freeze (make sure to leave 2 ” space at the top of your jar if freezing). I like making Frito Pie, so I added some blue corn chips and vegan cheddar cheese on top. It’s also tasty over a baked potato or used as “sauce” for noodles. I think those folks north call it Cincinnati Chili.

The true Texan way to serve it is in a bowl topped with some fresh onions, sour cream (if you can’t handle the spice), and a pinch of cheese. You don’t have to be Texan to love it, but you will.

Stay warm ya’ll.


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