It may or may not feel like “spring” in your neck of the woods yet but folks, it has officially arrived.   But if sunny skies and warm temps still remain a faint memory for you at least you can start to enjoy the fruits and vegetables that burst forth in the spring season .

I’ve put together this handy list for your next shopping trip.  I’ll be posting some recipes I’m creating off this list over the next few weeks.  Pinterest is always a great source too if you need inspiration, just keep it vegan.

March – April

Asian Greens  Arugula  Beets  Broccoli  Brussels Sprouts

Cabbage  Cauliflower  Carrots  Celery  Chard  Cilantro

Collard Greens  Dill  Fava Beans  Garlic Scrapes  Green Onions

Fennel  Kale  Kohlrabi  Leeks  Lettuce  Oregano  Parsley  Parsnips

Potatoes  Radishes  Rosemary  Rutabaga  Sage  Spinach  Shallots

Snap/Snow Peas  Sorrel  Thyme  Turnips  Watercress

April Into May

Asparagus  Cling Peaches  Cucumbers  Early Onions  New Potatoes

Snap Beans  Strawberries  Early Tomatoes

Let’s get cooking!

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